Jeep Cherokee XJ Rear Bumper (84-01)

Jeep Cherokee XJ Rear Bumper (84-01)
Item# LMP-XJR840100
Year of Cherokee:  2" Receiving Hitch:  Powder Coating Black:  Hardware: 

Product Description

This is a Rear Bumper for the 84-96 and 97-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2" unrated receiver hitch box for accessories is standard and this bumper also has a lower removable panel to make access to the hitch pin easy. Box tubing ties this hitch into the frame mounts. We use 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 Steel Plate for these bumpers. D-ring mount are standard at no extra cost and they also tie in through the bumper to the main mounting. These mounts are machined from 1x2 solid Steel. Bumper mounting: The factory bumper mounts are not used with this bumper. This bumper has removable frame extensions that can be mounted to the frame of the Jeep before the bumper is lifted on to the jeep for mounting. These frame extensions distribute the weight and stress from the bumper.